NODA Review: Celebrate SONG

CELEBRATE SONG....a Summer Show/Review presented by SONG at Greenbank High School, Southport on Saturday 14th July 2018.

This was my first occasion to see SONG in action, and I do hope it won’t be my last! I have said this before and I will say it again, there are occasions in life when we all think “Oh I wish I was younger”, this was one of those occasions!

When you see such talented young people, performing and enjoying their selves so much on stage – so jealous!

To put any type of show/review on stage takes a vast amount of time, leadership and dedication; there’s little doubt that SONG is blessed with many dedicated and experienced theatre people who are prepared to give of their time in the development of youth. When you see names like Hilary Thomson, Charles Moss, Les Gomersall, Karen Edge, Victoria Harrocks, and Karen Parkinson, need I say more! It was also great to read in the programme that some past members from SONG had returned to assist in this production; members who’ve gone on to make a living from theatre and TV returning to assist in the development of this ‘new crop’ of talented young people; what an opportunity this provided to learn directly from their peers.

The show/review was divided up into three Acts.......

Act 1 Scene 1 - songs from The Greatest Showman. Always a risky business using songs from currently the best-known film on the planet, but we were not disappointed...‘A Million Dreams’, ‘This is Me’ and ‘From Now On’ were delivered with superb vocals.

A1 S2 - we were introduced to the ‘Superhero Support Group’; a short scripted sketch directed by Les Gomersall. This gave the young cast the chance to show off their acting abilities. Diction, comic timing and characterization were spot-on! Very enjoyable; a very funny piece!

Act 2 - devoted to solos and duets plus another short sketch. Songs such as ‘It’s a Small World’, ‘Whistle Down the Wind’,’ Burn’, ‘Satisfaction’ ‘Mr Cellophane’ plus many others and a ‘monologue type sketch’ called ‘Table Manners’ which was acted so well!

Act 3: song, dance and another superbly scripted funny sketch called Paradise Found.

A3 S1 - devoted to a great dance routine to ‘Hit Me with Your Best Shot’ choreographed by Karen Parkinson and a song ‘I Larva You’.

A3 S2 - ‘Paradise Found’ written and directed by past member Graham Davies, who now writes and produces with the BBC. This was a hilarious sketch, which again allowed the young performers to show off their acting abilities to the full. Well written and superbly acted, so funny! The section concluded with ‘Thank you for the Music’.

A3 S3 - ‘Our Finale’. Having opened with ‘The Greatest Showman’ is there any better way to close a show than a medley of songs from my favourite musical, ‘Les Miserable’. ‘At the End of the Day’, ‘I Dreamed a Dream’, ‘Castle on a Cloud’, ‘Do You here the People Sing’, ‘On My Own’ and ‘Bring Him Home’ ...musically directed by Charles Moss, this was simply a wonderful climax! Vocally perfect with superb harmonies... well done to everyone involved. The set and staging was minimal but worked very well as did the costumes and props. Sound and lighting were excellent.

I have purposely excluded cast names from this review simply because I honestly believe that everyone gave of their best and that’s all you can ask! But having said that, I really do think it would be remiss of me not to highlight my four personal favourite performances....

These are purely my favourites and I’m sure if you asked any other person watching, they would come up with completely different here we go...

Just loved the ‘Paradise Found’ sketch; written and directed by Graham Davies. You just knew and could ‘feel’ that everyone on stage and everyone in the audience loved this sketch! I’m cheating a little here: two songs ‘Naughty’ sung by Kitty Cardeira and ‘Satisfaction’ sung and played by Poppy Coyle were amazing, both girls should be so really proud! The ‘Les Miserable’ medley was a real showstopper! Charles Moss should be thanked for ‘pulling’ it together and for all those involved, you were outstanding! But the person who stole the show for me was Molly Wilkinson with her rendition of ‘She used to be Mine’. What a talented young lady, with a voice to kill for! Well done so proud!

Having seen this production and the young talent on show and having noted the leadership, guidance and dedication given by their mentors, there really is little or no doubt that the future of the senior section, Southport Spotlights, is in safe hands!

Thank you so much for inviting us and thanks to Elizabeth Allwirght and her husband for making us feel so welcome and allowing me to speak with the cast after the show. I do hope I get a further opportunity to see SONG again in the very near future. Thanks to everyone…..

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