NODA Review: A Journey Through SONG

A JOURNEY THROUGH SONG – a concert celebrating 40 Years of Musical Memories performed by SONG at Greenbank High School Theatre. Hastings Road, Southport on Sunday 14th July, 2019.

I’m never ashamed of saying this and I’ve said it a few times I must admit, but there are occasions in life when we all think “Oh I wish I was younger”, this was another of those occasions!

When you see talented young people, performing and enjoying themselves so much on stage – so envious!

If you were fortunate enough to have attended this concert, you will have heard current members of SONG reading out ‘testimonies’ from past members, many of whom have gone on to make professional theatre part of their lives! What was a ‘common thread’ in all these readings were words like, Family, Fun, Hope, Enjoyment, Camaraderie, Best Friends, Friends for Life, Memories, plus Trips to Blackpool Lights, Open Top Bus Rides and chips and fish!!!!!

In my review of last year SONG’s Summer Concert, I said, when you see people like Hilary Thomson, Linda Davies, Karen Edge, Les Gomersall, Paul Edge, John Coates, Bev Newton add now Kelly Bond, mentioned in the programme notes and helping out during productions, then you know that SONG are in safe hands and blessed with some dedicated and experienced theatre people who are, ‘year in year out’, prepared to give of their time in the development of youth – ever grateful!

This year’s concert was in two Acts and was all about the past...past shows, past songs, past memories and testimonies from past members...

Act 1 ‘THE PROLOGUE – BELLE’ suggested that ‘SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW’ - ‘BEAUTY AND THE BEAST’ could be found in the form of the ‘AMAZING MAZIE’ and ‘THE ONE FEATHERED TAIL OF MS GERTRUDE McFUZZ’! ‘OH THE THINKS YOU CAN THINK’ and ‘THERE ARE WORST THINGS I COULD SAY’ about those two, like.. ‘BE OUR GUEST’, ‘EASE ON DOWN THE ROAD’ or even ‘SLIDE SOME OIL ON ME’, but when you’re a member of SONG, ‘ALONE IN THE UNIVERSE’ all you can think about is the next ‘ANOTHER OPENING TO ANOTHER SHOW’

Act 2 SONG suggests that ‘WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER’! 40 years ago, was the ‘START OF SOMETHING NEW’ ‘OFFICER KRUPKE’. We never ‘CROSS THE LINE’ yet we always ‘BOP TO THE TOP’ because SONG makes every day a ‘SUMMER HOLIDAY’! ‘SOMEWHERE’ - Blackpool I think, a ‘BATCHELOR BOY’ and a ‘LIVING DOLL’ met, on an ‘open top bus’, ate ‘fish and chips’ asked ‘DO YOU WANNA DANCE’ and then got married! Keep singing, keep dancing for the next forty!

It is difficult at times identifying individuals without doing injustice to others. There was little or no doubt that this was a real ‘team effort’ with everyone giving their all, but after saying that, I do think it would be remiss of me not to highlight three of ‘MY FAVORITES’ performances and I’m sure if you asked any other person watching, they would probably come up with a completely different, in no particular order....

THE FINALE.... just loved ‘WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER’ the chemistry, energy and the smiles from the entire cast suggested they were having a ‘ball’. It was well sung, well choreographed and enjoyed by everyone present... the song title tells you all you need to know about SONG – well done everyone ... be proud!

OFFICER KRUPKE, sung by Thomas Corcoran was another that was well sung with some great movement. Well done sir and well done ‘The Jets’

Finally I’d like to single out one young lady ... Poppy Coyle. Poppy performed one of my favourite songs from the concert ‘THE ONE FEATHERED TAIL OF MS GERTRUDE McFUZZ’ from Seussical; but it’s not so much the song that I want to highlight, although that was really good.... it was Poppy’s ‘Stage Presence’. Whenever or wherever she was on stage... front and centre in the spotlight or on the back row, she always had a smile on her face, every movement was expressed to its full potential, we had facial expressions aplenty, it was obvious from her first entrance that she was there to have the time of her life and enjoy every minute... be ever so proud young lady, we could all learn something from this performance!

Congrats to the Production Team for a great show! To our ‘first time ‘Director/Choreographer’ and past ‘Songie’ (was going to old member – thought better of it) Kelly Bond...well done! To Hilary Thompson and John Coates (Assistant Directors), Linda Davies (Show Co-ordinator), Sian Wooley (Stage Manager), David Murray, Karen Edge and Infinity (Sound), Stephen Illingworth (Lighting) and Karen Fairclough (Wardrobe) - and to the many other past members and current members who worked so hard to ensure this was a ‘special journey’ through SONG - be proud one and all for a job well done.

Thank you so much for inviting my wife and I, for your welcome and thank for the invitation to speak with those amazing young people after the show, it was such a ‘privilege’....looking forward to your next production.

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